Urban Idyll

Not seeing the success I wanted in selling my apartment, I decided to create a website to promote my soon-to-be ex home. I used a dose of humor, emojis and a casual tone in the hopes of attracting the right crowd. I even added a small competition where observant viewers could win a cash prize.

After spending a day setting up the website, I advertised it on Google Ads. This created around 150 clicks in two coming days.

But then Norway’s largest newspaper VG picked up on the website and decided to print an article about it. It was featured as the top news for a few hours, creating traffic in the thousands. Too bad I had sold my apartment the day before the news was out…

Later, Romerikes Blad (another major publication), also wrote a story about the website, giving it a second boost in traffic.

I learned quite a lot from this process, most importantly that sometimes you need to take that extra step. It may or may not pay off, but it’s worth trying. This time it gave me a few minutes of fame. Visit the website here.