GO SMS Themes

In my spare time, I decided to try to learn how to make an app. Technically, I didn’t make an app, but I did learn how to make a cool looking skin for the existing application “GO SMS”. It took a great deal of time, but it was worth it.

My first attempt mimicked the look and feel of the Windows 8 operating system. Today it has been downloaded around 300.000 times, receiving a 4,0 review average. Not bad for a first attempt, although I will admit that by today’s standards, it looks dated. As a learning experience though, this was pure gold!

My second attempt was more reminiscent of the iPhones iMessage app, mostly because I liked the design and wanted it for myself. I uploaded the theme to the app store in three different colors, blue, green and pink, with the pink version being the most downloaded of them.

Screenshot of the GO SMS theme

Screenshot of the GO SMS theme
Screenshot of the GO SMS theme logo