The website for kjøttkutt.no

This project had a simple goal; to inspire people to eat less meat.

I purposely did not want to use scare tactics, as seen on cigarette packs, and I chose to focus on the alternatives: good, healthy, “green” dishes. However, the public still had to be informed about the dangers and the damage caused by the meat industry. I approached this by creating posters with concise, yet, striking messages. The posters are colorful in order to draw the public’s attention. They start off with a funny text, hopefully creating curiosity in the viewers’ minds.

The first poster was made with a combination of red and green. These color were chosen to appeal to the mind’s preprogrammed view of a traffic light, creating a sort of stop and go effect; “stop eating meat” and “eat vegetables instead”. Apart from the creative aspect of this project, combining red and green without it looking cheap or badly designed was one of the biggest challenges.

At the bottom of the posters there is a link to the campaign’s fictitious website, kjøttkutt.no. The website continues the colorful palette and seeks to inspire the viewer with large pictures of vegetarian dishes. The site is minimal, with only the necessary information available, making it easy to digest.

The kjøttkutt logo, seen at the bottom of this page represents a handful of vegetables circling the planet. It was made with only one color contrasted by the background, in order to aid in its recognition.

My strategies in brief:

Purpose/communicative goal:

  • Increase attention on the consumption of red meat
  • Create interest for “green” dishes


  • Focus on the positive sides of eating “green”, as well as informing the public of the negative aspects of eating red meat. This should be done without repelling the consumers.
Logo for Kjøttkutt.no