Avinor app

This is the Bachelor thesis where we were fortunate enough to work with Avinor – Norway’s leading airport operator

This assignment was completed during a 4-month period (from January to May 2016), where we created an application for Avinor AS. The application is an airport guide that aims to simplify flights for children traveling alone.

The group’s goal was to present the beta version of a product that will assist users while also benefiting Avinor.

The application is “gamified”, and children can win and collect medals, through flight-related quizzes, by completing various steps in the application, or by flying to certain destinations.

For a future iteration, the group wants to add levels and beacon integration. Currently, the beacons are being tested at Oslo Airport, and thus it is not possible to integrate this technology into our app.

My role in the development was part interaction designer and part designer.

Regarding the visual design, Avinor wanted the application’s style to be kept close to their already existing Felix & Fiona concept. However, this concept was limited and several assumptions had to be taken to expand both palette and graphics. We agreed with Avinor about the necessity of expanding the palette, which, at the time, consisted of only four pastel colors. We did this by picking out colors from an animated sequence showing the characters Felix and Fiona passing through the airport security check. Avinor also wanted colors from their overall design profile to be used, thus bringing us up a 20-color palette, excluding various grayscales. This, as well as a limited selection of pre-made graphics, became the basis of the new visual design. Accordingly, new graphics were made to create medals, menus and buttons.

Badge showing the swiss badge with a silhouette of the Matterhorn mountain and a balloon passing by

Badge showing the Spanish badge with the silhouette of a bull in a bright red background
Badge showing the Danish badge with a silhouette of the Little Mermaid