Brochures for Heatherwick Studio

This is a project I made for my “Design Culture Trend” classes at Yeungnam University in South Korea. The aim was to make a brochure to promote Cooper Hewitt’s new exhibition by Heatherwick Studio.

I made the brochures colorful, to attract the viewers eyes. They are squared with rounded edges, to set them apart from the rest, and the use of text is minimal, leaving space for the textures. The textures are made with images of Heatherwick Studio’s architectural art.

Note that the first sample. the pink one, has been edited to make the text readable. The original image is ready to be printed and folded, and so some of the text is flipped upside down.

The feedback from the teacher was that he liked the use of textures, colors and fonts. He also said that I have a good eye for composition for this and my other projects in this class, and thus awarded me a top grade, of course making me very, very happy.

Brochure for Heatherwich Studio in bright pink

Brochure for Heatherwich Studio in bright orange
Brochure for Heatherwich Studio in bright cyan
Brochure for Heatherwich Studio in red